[ct-user] digital Q's missing from FD band summary, but not QSO total

Carl - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Tue Jul 19 12:46:39 EDT 2005

When you create the cabrillo file, just check that all your Q's are there.
It does not matter if there are dupes or not.  Better to have them all in
there than some missing.  Submit your results in cabrillo and you're

Carl - WC4H 

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Subject: [ct-user] digital Q's missing from FD band summary, but not QSO

In putting together our group's score for Field Day, I think I've found a
bug in CT, or perhaps one of you can help me back on the path. With our
merged logs, first using CT revision 9.92.001, I did a WRITESUM.  The
summary included the right number of Q's, but the RTTY/digital Q's were not
listed in the summary-by-band. I ended up taking the count of RTTY Q's from
the .dup file.  I've since gone back and tested this WRITESUM to get digital
Q's to show up in the Field Day summary with DOS & CT-Win revisions 9 and 10
(using freshly typed .bin files including cw, ssb & rtty Q's made with
CT-Win 10.01.01), but no joy.  Anyone?

73, Randy
w6sw at jps.net
Santa Monica, CA

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