[ct-user] FD log?

Charles Wooten NF4A nf4a at knology.net
Thu Jul 21 22:39:44 EDT 2005

I could be wrong....but, cabrillo is not required for FD so CT does not
generate one...look at your .all with wordpad, that should give you a log if
you need one....you only have to submit a summary sheet and dupe sheets for
each band/mode for FD....read the rules...


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Help.... I did a  writelog at the end of contest, but a visible log is not
present. The file says 462K when highlighted with mouse, but 1k isall that's
visible the info TEXT file, where log for ARRL?
I generated nothing I can open with the QSO's for the ARRL submission.
Thanks,  ver 10.02 win xp

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