[ct-user] Are you sure you need "transparent"?

Lup dj7sw at kcag.de
Tue Jul 26 13:43:02 EDT 2005

Filipe Lopes schrieb:

>Hi John,
>I really donno if i need a transparent connection, i just know that my KAM 
>doesnt send me a cmd prompt when i start CT , i really dont understand 
>Maybe it just works with TNC and Not with KAMs!
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>Subject: Are you sure you need "transparent"?
Hi Filipe,

Transparent mode is not used by CT, so simply forget to think on it.

Testprocedure to  check  comport and hardware:
1) Download  am modem program like -hyperterminal- (included in W98)
or if you are using plain DOS use -TELIX-.

2) After programmstart  adjust the COMport  Number and the corresponding 

3) now  start adjusting the Baudrate between KAM and COMport to 4800 
Baud, key in several letters plus return.
If you see garbage comming  back go higher with Baudrate up to 19,2K. 
After every increase in baudrate  key in again letters plus return.
Play also with start/stop bits and paritybit as , even, not etc.

4) If the hardware ist ok, you must see something coming back.   If not 
check the cooperation between your modem program and the comport:
Make a temporary bridge between pin 3 and 2  (RX/TX) at your comport 
connector.  No you MUST see every keystroke, if local echo is on you 
will see iteven  double.

Regardless if you are using plain DOS or a DOS-Window you have to load a 
RS232 driver named COMTSR1 prior to CT.EXE .  Your findings from Step 4 
must given to the COMTSR  as:     COMTSR2  -B9600 -N82  -P2.  Also dont 
forget to use exact the same parameter in the CT SETUP window.

ALT O   opens the packet monitor Window,  ALT T now flips the cursor 
from logging window to Packet send window.

There two complete different ways to control a TNC direct.  I call it 
the TAPR way and the  WA8DED way.  Read the TNC manual, what you have.

For example: a  TAPR like TNC answers  a simple  <RETURN>  with  
cmd:      A WA8DED-TNC  aswers nothing, but if you key in 
<ESC>  S1  <RETURN>    you will change to qso channel 1.

Enough for  today , i hope it help Filipe

73 de Lup/DJ7SW alias DL0KF

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