[ct-user] Grid/Mygrid Confusion

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Sun Jun 26 19:08:21 EDT 2005

As a long time user of CT in VHF/UHF Contests,
I use both the Grid and Mygrid commands to setup my station
for the contest.

Mygrid is supposed to set the Grid Square you are operating from.
Grid is supposed to set the center of the Grid Map you bring up
with ALT-Z or ALT-M.

This all worked FB thru CT 9.89 in which CT.HLP showed:
MYGRID        Grid Your Operating From 
GRID          Center of Grid Map

Starting with CT 10.000 thru CT 10.02.008, CT.HLP showed:
MYGRID      Set Grid Square
GRID        Set Grid Square
However both commands function correctly WITHIN CT i.e.:
MYGRID        Grid Your Operating From 
GRID          Center of Grid Map

If I use the CT.GFG command as listed in the latest CT.DOC update and set
GRID = FN02. I find by looking at the log that ALL QSO's originate from FN02.
Mygrid has no effect when set in the CT.GFG file.

My conclusions:
1- CT.HLP needs to be corrected.
2- CT needs to interpret GRID as Mygrid to be useable.
3- It would be nice to ADD the GRID command to CT.CFG.

If anyone takes exception to my findings, please run a test yourself and let me know.

TNX es 73
Bob, K1VU 

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