[ct-user] [Fwd: HELP ME]

Augie (Gus) Hansen augie.hansen at comcast.net
Tue Nov 1 13:56:04 EST 2005

> I understang that you do no attend my question, but please forward to
> the person that can give me support, because I do not have other address.
> I download the "Character mode version of CT for Windows" version
> 10.02.008 in your WEB the CTWIN 10.02.008  (page 2).
> I unzip the version CT for Windows and following I run the SETUP.EXE
> program to begin the installation.
> After re-star the PC I use my call (HP1ALX) as principal archive, and
> fill the information neccesarry.
> When I pres "Ctrl" and "Enter" and we can not continue with the program
> because the screen disappier and is the end.
> If I repeat, is the same, and the same.
> Please help me, and give me support to work the program with success.
> Thank you very much for your attention,

This version of CT, possibly others, requires filenames that contain eight
characters or less that conform to the DOS restrictions for naming files. It
exited without a diagnostic message when I gave it a nine character name
(CQWW05SSB) for the log file. Using the shortened name CWW05SSB worked as

The fix in code would be to check the name for DOS-correctness and exit
gracefully with a suitable error message displayed or provide a retry

Gus Hansen, KB0YH

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