[ct-user] 10 minutes Rule??

Hamad 9K2HN 9k2hn at 9k2hn.com
Mon Oct 3 07:53:26 EDT 2005

  I have sent this email to o the CT reflector earlier last month and
I didn't get any reply, so I'm re sending it and hoping to get an a
reply this time....

I was doing an early test to make sure that the CT will work well in my
Station as if we were Multi Single in CQWW, the network worked great and
every thing sound good except I don't see the 10 minutes counter (10
minutes qsy Rule) which will start to count down after the first qso in
each band.... am I missing something? how to activate this counter to
know when i can QSY?

Thank you in advance

de 9k2hn


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