[ct-user] CT program and Kenwood Radios

Al - N1API n1api at cox.net
Sun Oct 16 12:02:54 EDT 2005

A couple of questions concerning both CT program and also Kenwood Radios.

First of all I noticed in the latest version(s) for DOS when you look at the
Multiplier Check Sheets you see two ZS8s listed.  How can that be corrected?

Also, has anyone had a problem using either the Kenwood TS690S or 650S under
computer control with the version 10 editions of CT?  For some reason the
two Kenwoods at the Club station W1NRG have stopped working under CT and
computer control.  I can't figure out why, everything including the computer
interface seems to be work OK.

Any help appreciated.

By the way I am still off the air because I lost the tower and my station
after an electrical storm July.  I missed WAE Phone and will miss CQWW Phone
too.  Everything is back together and all equipment repaired, the tower 
is back
standing up but my antenna which was destroyed when the tower fell over is
not on.  I have a new StepIR 3 element beam on order but it will not arrive
until about the first week of November.  I will then need about two weeks or
so to get it constructed and back up.  The radio silence in the shack is

-73-  Al  N1API

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