[ct-user] Still can not get CT logging window for CTWIN to displayproperly

Bob Naumann - W5OV W5OV at W5OV.com
Thu Apr 20 04:42:29 EDT 2006


Use a shortcut to start up CTWIN.  The only place you should make changes is
in the shortcut file.

Right click on CTWIN.EXE and click Create Shortcut.

This will create "Shortcut to ctwin.exe".  Right click on "Shortcut to
ctwin.exe" and then click properties.

To run 50 line mode, append -VGA to the Target: field after the last quote
so it looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\K1EA Software\CtWin\ctwin.exe" -VGA

Change Run: to Maximized.

Click on the Layout Tab.

The Screen buffer size, and Window size should both be set to Width 80 and
Height 50.

Now, click on the Font tab.

If it only shows Raster Fonts, select the biggest one - which in my case is
10x18.  This should look pretty good on the screen.

Click on OK at the bottom.

Double click on "Shortcut to ctwin.exe" and it will start CTWIN in VGA mode
in an 80 x 50 window.

The CTWIN window may not fill the whole screen, but it should be better than
what you've been seeing.


If you also have the Lucida Console Fonts installed (or others), you can
play with them and see which one looks best.  On mine, 18 is pretty good. 

My overall screen resolution is 1280 x 1024.  If yours is different, you may
need to use smaller or larger fonts.

If you want to run in normal 25 line mode (that is, not -VGA or 50 line
mode) then change the Screen buffer and Window size to Width 80 and Height
25.  The Lucida font in size 26 looks good on my screen in this mode.
Depending on the screen resolution you are running a different size font may
be better.

I prefer -VGA mode so I can open lots of windows and see everything at once.


Bob W5OV

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From: N6KI Dennis [mailto:n6ki at juno.com] 
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 2:35 AM
To: ct-user at contesting.com
Subject: [ct-user] Still can not get CT logging window for CTWIN to

Hi all,

   Thanks to those hams who already sent me suggestions to try to resolve
the incorrect display when I launch CTWIN on an XP machine.

Here is a copy of the responses I sent back of what I tried and I really
don't have much more time to spend on fixing this problem for my amigo here
in Mexico, before I head back stateside.
 I will make one more attempt to get his display screen fixed on Thursday
afternoon, and then will have to leave it for next visit or until he maybe
gets anothr video card or newer machine. The machine it is on was running
WIN98 and then he had someone load XP on it which I warned him would not let
his DOS version of CT run anymore and then to add insult to injury, I can't
get CTWIN to run on it with correct screen

The [progra fill sthe entire window but the info fields only fill the upper
half of the screen ! The bottom half is just black or whatever color one
selects in Properties...at least that feature works but in the wrong protion
of the window

Anyway here's a copy of my response to other suggestions so you wil know
whatI have trried already.

73, Dennis XE2/N6KI

Hi Mal,
  Well no dice on the fix foer CTWIN with teh logging page schrunched up
into the top half of the full CT window. The only thing I could change was
the color of the bottom half of the window which of course containe no
logging info...here is copy of my response to another fellow on what I
tried. I think per the CT website it is an incompatibility problem with his
video card and I don't have much knowledge or patirnce to work on computer
problem like this all day long, especially when I come to Mexico to RELAX !

Hi Gunter,

   Well today I arrived at the QTH of my amigo Pepe XE2MX in Ensenada and
tried your suggestion of adding -vga when going into program
ie: testcw -vga and yes it opens a large window but the log program page
still only fill sthe top half of that window

I also tried other peoples suggestions of also trying -reset when you log in
and also either right clicking the mouse on the shortcut Icon  on my desktop
and selecting properties and changed the Height and Width sizes and nothing
changes! I also launched the program and when in the logging window I right
clicked on upper part of page and again selected properties and tried
changing Height and width ( also FULL SCREEN )and all kinds of settings but
to no avail. One of the responses directed me to the K1EA website where I
read that depending on the Video card and chip sets, one might hve to really
play games to get the display to work. At that point I gave up as I do not
work in the computer field and only someone that eats bits and bytes for
breakfast was going to solve this video display problem. 

I wil CC this respons eto the reflector but unless it's some simple fix, I
am not goping to spin my wheels anymore on CTWIN for Pepe's computer.

Best we just wait til he upgrades to another newer computer and see if we
get lucky on getting CTWIN to display properly.

73, Dennis N6KI 

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