[ct-user] How to get CT.CFG used at startup?

John Bednar k3ct at verizon.net
Fri Dec 1 06:07:05 EST 2006


No startup switch required. Make sure you are saving the ct.cfg file
as a text file with ASCII characters and not some other type of

I know this works with the latest version of CT.

k3ct at verizon.net

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Hi all,

I am trying to get ready for ARRL 160 test. I'm using CT 9.84. I'm
trying to get the system to start up with all the appropriate 
selections; contest type, section, cw messages, etc. using the
file. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I can't seem to
make it 
work. If I have a .BIN file of the right name with all that stuff 
entered it works fine. I was under the impression I could write a
file to load all that stuff, and with no .BIN file CT would start
all the stuff in the CT.cfg file if it is in the same directory that

ct.exe is in.

Is there a command line switch such as -cfg that needs to be in my
file to make this work? I cannot find any reference to -cfg s a
line switch.

What I am trying to do is get my system ready with a .bat file so I
type "GOARRL" at the c:\> command prompt, and the directory will
the comtsrs will load and ct will start using the ct.cfg file. I
want to 
try everything, and then when it all works delete the ARRL06.BIN
is what I am calling it) file, so that all my bogus test QSO
When I do this, even though I have a CT.CFG file that says contest
AR160, it starts up in some other multiband contest mode on 20

I must be forgetting something, and I haven't found it in the


Ken N6KB

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