[ct-user] Adding MS-DOS to a WindowsXP Computer

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 12:42:10 EST 2006

Good day, everyone:

I have updated my procedure and bootable CD for installing
FreeDOS (or MSDOS) on almost any WindowsXP computer.  You can
install FreeDOS (or MSDOS) beside WindowsXP without damaging
the WindowsXP installation - using completely free open-source

I use this capability to run Amateur Radio contest logging
programs which are DOS-based.

I did the updated procedure and cd because the free tools to
shrink the WindowsXP installation have new versions with
more error checking.  There are several changes to the procedure
to hopefully make it easier to read and follow.

There is a FREE CD which contains everything you need to install
FreeDOS available for download at

Add DOS to preinstalled Windows (see left side)

The PDF file of the updated procedure is also available there or
directly from


(Thanks to Johnson Lam for providing the server space for this).
The CDROM image is about 30 MiBytes.  The procedure is less
than 1 MiByte.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who uses the procedure
so that I can improve it.  All of my computers boot both WindowsXP
and DOS!  I can do this in under ten minutes - it will take
you a bit longer the first time.

Mark Bailey, KD4D

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