[ct-user] Problem with lpt. TVic

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Thu Feb 16 08:24:45 EST 2006


That is a common error that I have seen many times on W98 computers. You may have started more than one version of CTWin or the telnet connection was lost. I forget what causes the error. The later versions of CTWin 10.002 are much better at handling telnet issues. Ken made many improvements there.

Exit CTwin and restart your computer. That should get rid of the error. Be careful not to start multiple copies of CTWin (there is no error checking) and use one of the later versions of CTWin.

John, FM/K3CT & TO9A 
(using CTWin 10.002.05 CW and N1MM for RTTY)

>From: Bernie Gardner <w1az at arrl.net>
>Date: Thu Feb 16 06:53:47 CST 2006
>To: ct-user at contesting.com
>Subject: [ct-user] Problem with lpt. TVic

>I'm trying to set up a computer for the ARRL contest using winct.  It worked 
>for the CQ contests last fall, but now gives the Open TVic failed message.  
>I've rebooted several times, so it's not a matter of multiple vesrions of CT 
>running.  The computer is running Windows 98.
>Any suggestions greatly appreciated,
>Bernie Gardner
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