[ct-user] EU PSK DX Contest 2006 Results

euroradio euroradio at yandex.ru
Tue Jul 25 15:51:01 EDT 2006

The EPC Contest Committee has received 210 logs for the European PSK DX Contest 2006 from 51 DXCC countries: 4K, 4L, 4Z, 6W, 9V, A2, BY, CN, CT3, DL, EA, ER, ES, EU, EX, G, GM, HA, HB9, HS, HZ, I, IS, JA, JY, K, LA, LU, LX, LZ, OH, OK, ON, OZ, PA, PY, S5, SM, SP, SV, TF, UA1, UA9, UN, UR, VK, VR2, YB, YL, YO and YV. Congratulations to all the winners in the 2006 European PSK DX Contest.

Alex Nazarov RA9SC leads the EU Stations √ Low Power category with a score of 157536. Valery Smiyan UR7QM is second with a score of 61950 and Oleg Yakushin UXØSX is in third place with a score of 47400.  The top entrants in the EU Stations - High Power category are Igor Burykh UA3QDX (EPC # 77) with a score of 365883, Yuri Shevchenko RA6AV (EPC # 114) with a score of 344124 and Serge Zhemaitis RU3QR (EPC # 16) is in third place with a score of 341352. 

Igor Alimardanov 4K5D (EPC # 157) takes the top position in the DX Stations - Low Power category with a score of 85894, Osamu Aizawa JA7EMH takes second position with a score of 51135, followed by Said Sedate CN8LI with a score of 42245. Adhi Bimbo YC3MM is the highest Oceanian station in this category with a score of 6084. The only one and winning entrant from South America is Pedro Astrada LW2EIY (EPC # 138) with a score of 3219. Emin Chijavadze 4L1QX (EPC # 203) takes the top position in the DX Stations - High Power category with a score of 365014. Second place goes to Victor Lokker RA9AU with a score of 330825, and Yuri Volobuyev UA9AFS took third place with a score of 223332. The winning entrant from Africa in this category is Peter Brucker 6W2SC with a score of 151064. Kan Yokota AB2RF is the highest HP North American station with a score of 49056. Pasquale Casale 4M5RY is leading in South America with a score of 33000. The winning entrant in this section from Oceania i
 s Zuhrizal Oyong YB5BO with a score of 132544.

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73 de MM0DFV

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