[ct-user] TO1T

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Mon Mar 6 14:09:05 EST 2006

Hi Jon:

You need to download the latest CTY.DAT file from
http://k1ea.com/cty/index.htm, into the same directory
as your CT database file (something.bin).

This does NOT affect the file you send to enter the
contest and will not affect your final score.  It
will affect your claimed score calculations. The
ARRL will recalculate your score and use their
master file to figure out your multipliers.

You can also "fix" this by typing

into the CT logging line.


Mark, KD4D

Jon Kovacs wrote:
> I have downloaded all the file changes, however when I enter TO1T during 
> the arrl contest, it just came up /////////// instead of Guadelope??. 
> Any ideas how to remedy this before I send in my logs???   Need every 
> qso I can get!!
> Jon  k8ly
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