[ct-user] networking with WINCT

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 15:05:21 EST 2006

At 3/14/2006 01:53 PM, Superpakete wrote:
>Hi there!
>Im not sure, how can i use the WINCT on a 4 pc's network????
>I use a Router with 4 lan ports
>Can anyone help me???
>Can i use diferent windows systems?
>windows 98 and windows xp for example??
>Thanks for all

As long as your computers are on the network supported by your router, there is nothing really to do.  Make sure that each of the computers has an IP address on the same subnet, which is typically what your router will do for you if you have DHCP enabled.  Start CTWin with the -enet switch and it should be fine.


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