[ct-user] XT 10.03.003X Test release

Ken Wolff ken at k1ea.com
Sun Mar 19 09:28:24 EST 2006

I have decided to place interim versions of CT in www.k1ea.com/test 
prior to release. These versions will have an X at the end of the 
version number. If you are using CTWin, copy ctwin.exe to C:\Program 
Files\K1EA Software\CtWin
Please send X version bug reports directly me so I can fix them before 
release. In preparation for WPX next week, version 10.03.003X is 
available. The real release will be before 24 March 2006.

73, Ken K1EA


* fixed a very old windowing bug that shortens windows without borders after
  a COLORS operation. This caused the time window to lose the seconds digit.
  (tnx YV5LIX)

* Enabled the 10 minute time for MS in CQWW and CQWW WPX

* changed WPX to send serial numbers per band for M2 as well as MS and MM

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