[ct-user] Country File post-CQ WPX update - KL4A

John W2iD w2id at optonline.net
Sun Mar 26 20:20:23 EST 2006

True - KL4A was operating from the W2ID station in NY for 5 hours of the
contest. It was a spur of the moment decision to have a little fun.

No portable designation was used since the DX entity was not a multiplier.

I had asked some stations on the air when I first got on, but made the
mistake of not reading the rules carefully enough myself. I checked just
now, and I see that rule VII(a) says, "A station operating from a DXCC
country different from that indicated by its callsign is required to sign
So I should have signed KL4A/WQ2 or something like that. 

I assume the score is invalid, but I will send it in as a checklog.

I also hadn't thought about the fact that this would affect the QSO points
claimed by the software. I'm sorry all for any inconvenience this caused. I
assume the sponsor should make the correction in the scoring when they see
that the station was in NY. Hopefully the mult will still stick for the 600
or so stations that I worked.


John W2iD
Trustee for KL4A

p.s. This email may get rejected by those lists for which I am not a member.
I think I am only a subscriber on ct-user and cq-contest, so please forward
this info to the others if appropriate. Thanks Jim.

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Subject: Re: [ct-user] Country File post-CQ WPX update

Apparently KL4A was operating from New York.  Anyone know more about this?

73 - Jim AD1C

At 08:44 AM 3/26/2006, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:

>I know of at least two callsigns that need to be added to the country
>         KG44WW - Guantanamo Bay, KG4
>         TO5BG - Guadeloupe, FG
>Any others?

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