[ct-user] NEQP & 7PQ Anomalies

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Thu May 25 22:24:29 EDT 2006

Hi Ed:
TNX for answering question #1.

Any comment on questions #2 and #3 ???

Again, Anything I missed ???

Bob, K1VU

At 18:35 5/25/2006, Ed K1EP wrote:
>At 5/25/2006 06:13 PM, R Johnson wrote:
>>Before I send Ken a bug report I wanted to check to see if anyone else noticed
>>these problems. I'm using CT 10.02.008 (DOS)
>>1-In NEQP using the "W1 Side" CT would only accept 4 characters instead of 5,
>>  i.e. PLYM instead of PLYMA
>Correct, it has always been this way.  Not that it is right.
>>2-Using NEQP in the Non-W1 Side with the 7QP data files CT would accept the full
>>  5 characters  
>>3-the ".ALL Files" were titled "CQ WORLD WIDE 160 METER CONTEST CQ" instead of
>>  NEQP.
>>Anything I missed ???
>>TNX es 73
>>Bob, K1VU  
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