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Vesselin Kotarov V.Kotarov at cnsys.bg
Tue May 30 02:51:52 EDT 2006

More thoughts on serial numbers:

Imagine you set up two computers in partner mode. PC A makes QSOs 1 and
2. After QSO 2 is made the partner realizes the number for QSO 1 is not
correct and goes back to correct it with PC B. Now the next serial
number on PC A is 2....
... So the op on PC A realizes that and sets the number to 3 by
SETSERIAL. During that the partner op has just copied the next station
and enters the QSO. Now the next number for PC A is 5!

(Ken, correct me if I'm wrong)
SETSERIAL works on local basis (i.e. the number is not being broadcasted
to the network).
Editing previously made QSO makes all other computers on that band
believe that their next serial number is the number of edited QSO +1.

Anyone else on that issue?

Best regards,
Vesselin Kotarov

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Good day, all:

We used CT 10.003X for WPX CW.  This was a M/2.  There are two
networked comuters, each with a full SO2R setup.  We had three
problems, one serious.

Minor quibbles:

1.  The Check Partial Window needs to track the active radio.
When we happened to be running on Radio 2, the highlighting of
needed calls in this window was for Radio 1.

2.  It would be nice if the "Check Prefix" window showed QSO's
with the station on other bands, like the "Check Country" window
does.  "Check Country" shows the callsign of the station you do
the check on if you have worked THAT station on other bands.  It
nicely combines the Check Call function without requiring the extra
screen space (which we do not have).

Serious difficulty:

3.  Serial numbers got screwed up.  We found several times that the
serial number would jump "backwards" on a couple of bands.  This may
be due to changing active radios when both radios are on the same
band sometimes.  Or, maybe, when an inactive radio on the other
computer happens to be on the same band.

In one case, it happened when the "second" radio
(actually "Radio 1") was turned off and we were just running on
Radio 2.  The computer SENT the correct serial number but logged
a number several hundred behind the current number.  We fixed that
one (using SETSERIAL) but a couple others seem to have crept in.

At this point, due to a failure, the other "second radio" at the
other station was also turned off.

Anyone else see this one?

Thanks for all of the great work maintaining this wonderful logging


Mark, KD4D
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