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 Hi Craig,
That's precisely what I do.  I routinely run CT 9.58, which works very well for ICOM radio control and for the W9XT card, and then rescore it in v. 9.92.  
The W9XT card is a really nice piece of equipment, and it would be nice if it could be made to work with V.10 DOS.  I had hoped that my post might stimulate some movement in that direction.
I fully agree with you about Windows logging programs, and I much prefer DOS for ease of use and reliability.  BTW, the FreeDos group has come out with their Version 1 (not beta) which can be loaded via a CD on ANY 32 bit pentium machine. CT DOS runs very well using this OS.  I have several pentium machines at home which won't load MS-DOS from floppies, and this may prove to be a better solution for you than running CT using Windows.
I have tried NA, but I find it "clunky" when compared with CT.
Thanks for your input, and have a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
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Use a version it works with for the test and then rescore the bin file in a v10 after the contest. 
I ended up using CTWin and buying the VK64 from Gary and am very happy with my setup. I can't warm up to the Windows based programs like N1MM and Writelog. 
You could also use NA but it is not freeware as CT now is. 
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