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You are the only person that has reported this. Make sure you don't
have a keyboard macro program running like autohotkey.

k3ct at verizon.net

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I tried CTwin under XP last night, just setting it up and putting in
Q's and checking out the Lpt keying, which works fine. But I ran
something strange. I'd be in the middle of typing in a Qso, and the
"SET F6 
cl?" would fly up at me. Not every 10 q's, or something like that.
It would 
do it on what seemed like every 2 Qso's. I could even change the F6
and it would still pop up with "F6 cl?". Has anyone else ever seen
problem, or is it just me? Popping up so quickly, makes it to where
couldn't use it. I use another program now, but I was just
interested in how 
CTwin would work for me. I registered version 9 back in the old Dos
and it worked great.

Anyway, is this just me, or is there something I should be doing
that I'm 
not? I was using SS Cw as the contest. I did not have radio control
as I have a different rig on the desk that I may be buying and don't
have an 
interface cable. The lpt keying worked fine.

73, Mike K9MI


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