[ct-user] Point & Shoot grab when unwanted

Mon Sep 11 20:53:06 EDT 2006

Just had my first experience with a new rig that allows me to use the 
point-and-shoot from the band spots.  It was great, except:

Using CT10 (DOS) in the WAE contest, I had several instances  where I heard 
a different station at one of the point-and-shoot frequencies. I entered the 
station-on-frequency call and his report to me on the logging line, but when 
I hit "Enter" the "grab" pointer call replaced the manually entered station 
call for the log contact. (It sure would be nice if the program only allowed 
the "grab" when the log line was blank.)

Once I hit "ctrl" and "right arrow," how do I get out of the "shoot" 
operation for  manual call entry?


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