[ct-user] TS480 question

Peter Reed p.l.reed at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Apr 2 08:58:48 EDT 2007


Many thanks for your reply. I don't actually have a 480 - just thinking of 
getting one and was wondering about using it with CT as it is not listed. 
As others have suggested, it will probably work fine using another 
configuration but I was curious if anyone had actually got it working OK 
with CT - still my preferred logging software!


--On 02 April 2007 12:25 +0000 W2RU - Bud Hippisley <W2RU at frontiernet.net> 

> Peter Reed wrote:
>> Does anyone know whether ct v10 will support the TS480, please?
>> The 480 is not listed in the "Radio" setup section but maybe another
>> radio's configuration will work with the 480.
> Peter --
> I own a TS-480, but have not yet had an opportunity to run it with CT or
> CT-Win.
> I would suggest, in the absence of other recommendations, that you try
> running it with the TS-950 or TS-2000 settings.  If anything, the TS-480
> is likely to be a superset of either of those since it is the newest of
> three models and is heavily into computer control of the rig's functions.
> Bud, W2RU
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