[ct-user] CT and USB

Barry Kirkwood barry.kirkwood at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 20:50:04 EDT 2007

Hello all;
Thanks for the most helpful posts on the topic of CW keying from USB ports.
Should mention that I am presently residing in north Thailand with no
immediate prospect of getting a licence to operate here, am contemplating a
visit to XU to operate the station for rent in Shianhouville.
Have learned about available interfaces to go between the computer and the
rig, and when I have a home station again will almost certainly get one of
the ones that manages CW, digi modes, voice keying etc, complete with built
in CAT device. If nothing else would tidy up a lot of cable!
But in my present situation will follow the suggestion of my old friend Ken,
ZL1AIH (perhaps better known for his efforts at ZM1A contest station) and
look around for an older laptop and use that for radio work.
Would have many advantages apart from needing only a single transistor to
key the rig, including no great problem if lost or damaged when travelling.
As it happens, it is my computer club meeting today, so will down there and
see what I can chase up.
Thanks again to everybody for your help.

On 4/28/07, Barry Kirkwood <barry.kirkwood at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all:
> Am new to this reflector but have been researching archives.
> I have a Dell laptop that I was thinking of taking on a mini Dxpedition.
> With borrowed rig would have used CT simply as a running log without CAT.
> Was hoping to operate CW by keying the rig from the keyboard.
> Problem: my laptop has USB ports only.
> As I understand it, CT will not key from a USB to LPT cable.
> Am I right?
> Is there an alternative?
> Gather there are devices ?WinKey that will interface between USB and the
> rig key jack.
> Can anyone kindly help me sort this out?
> 73
> Baz ZL1DD

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