[ct-user] CT for DOS on an HP 200LX

Ken Kaplan wb2art at optonline.net
Thu Jan 11 22:14:06 EST 2007

Hello George
Yes, I'm getting that feeling that 'just trying' it would be the best 
approach. I'm quite familiar with command line DOS. There are no floppy 
drives, as this is a Palmtop, so I'll use Laplink or such to get it loaded.

k2onp at aol.com wrote:
> Hi Ken,
>   I would just try it!
>   CT9 runs very well on fast 386's, 486's, old pentiums, and anything 
> else running DOS.  It will even run under Linux using DOSEMU DOS 
> emulator.  CT10 is essentially the same program with a slightly larger 
> .bin file so it will do more contests.  As I recall, there really 
> wasn't much difference between MSDOS5 and MSDOS6.  However, if you're 
> saving to floppies, these have to be formatted with DOS5 as well.  I 
> don't recall but there may be some issues with your computer reading a 
> floppy that was formatted with DOS6.
>   Alternatively, it should be no problem reformatting your hard drive 
> with MSDOS6 (if you have it) or with FREEDOS, and then you should have 
> absolutely no problems with CT.
>   Personally, I'm running CT9.57 since my W9XT DVP card works well with 
> this version, but not with later versions or CT10.  To get my Cabrillo 
> file, I simply upload my contest .bin file in CT9.92 and output the 
> file printouts with the "WRITELOG" text command.  I also have tried CT10 
> DOS for several contests and don't really see any advantages over CT9.
>   The only downside with running DOS programs is that you have to be 
> familiar and comfortable running the DOS command line texts.  Otherwise, 
> CTDOS is stable, crashproof, has flawless keying, and is a joy to use.  
> Since I operate mostly CW contests and some SSB contests (under duress!) 
> using a single radio, there is really no advantage for me to switch to 
> another contest logging program.
> Good luck,
> George K2ONP
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> Hi George
> Actually the HP 200LX has DOS (I think 5.0) already installed as an 
> operating system.
> I'm looking for someone who has done this, so I don't re-invent the 
> wheel or logging program as it may be.
> 73
> Ken WB2ART
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