[ct-user] wrong band

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 14:53:05 EST 2007

If you know which contacts need to be changed, just page up to them in the log and change the band through the ALR (or maybe control) F1/F2 functions.

At 3/3/2007 02:47 PM, Jon Kovacs wrote:
>guys....I started out in the contest with my ct showing 20 meters, however I never worked anybody on 20 and decided to go to 40.  I forgot to change the band to 40 meters and it was still logging as 20.   Is this something that can be corrected now, or do I have to wait till contest is over???
>Problem I'm having is that I made contact on 40 that are being logged as 20.   So when I work some of these contacts on 20 they are coming up as a DUPE....  Think I created on hell of a mess...fortunately its my first 20 contacts when I caught it...but I don't want to loose any of these contacts if I don't have to...
>jon k8ly
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