[ct-user] CW USE WITH TS-2000

W2RU - Bud Hippisley W2RU at frontiernet.net
Sun Mar 11 10:12:48 EST 2007

charlie carroll wrote:

>And one other thing... on my old ts-940, I used to have to hit the ESC 
>key when CT started.  Otherwise the radio would immediately be keyed.
Charlie, I thought about that, too.  But that was a problem with the 
initial state of all the lines on the *serial* port when CT started up, 
and only affected the keying of the rig if I was using the serial port 
to key it.   (Mine was a TS-940, also.)  Hank says he's keying from the 
parallel port, so I don't think he should see that problem.   At least, 
I *hope* he doesn't see that problem.... :-)

Bud, W2RU

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