[ct-user] DVP Recording Problem

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I had the same problem about 10 years ago.  I sent the board back to Krassy 
who claims he sent it back to LZ to be worked on.  After about a year I got 
it back and it wasn't any better.  I'm not sure anything was done to it. 
Anyway, I bought  a new board during that time and have been using that 
without any problems.  If you get any good info I would appreciate knowing. 
Since the board plays-back perfectly, you can pre-record messages on another 
board and use the "bad' board on a band where you won't need to change the 
messages on the fly, like 20-10. GL 73  Saul  K2XA
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>I am using several dvp cards here.
> Encountered my first problem with one today.
> On my 20m station, I loaded the messages but when I played them back I 
> heard 95% hash and 5% of my voice.  Thought it might be a cable 
> problem...no.  Re-seated the dvp board, still the same.  Moved the board 
> to another slot....same.
> My next step was to go back and copy old voice files from an earlier 
> contest version into the directory/version I am using now.  Those messages 
> play fine.  My on-air audio going through the dvp is fine.
> Seems to be something going on with the cards ability to record clearly.
> Anyone ever had a similar problem and knows what to do about it?
> Bob NX5M
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