[ct-user] CT DOS Users Check your Log times for WPX

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Mar 26 21:27:49 EST 2007


CT_TOOLS for WinXP <http://www.k1ea.com/ct10/ct_tools.zip> or CT Tools for
DOS <http://www.k1ea.com/ct10/ct_dos_tools.zip> should fix the problem for
logs made with CT Version 10.  Those on CT Version 9 should use this

Unzip the appropriate ZIP file to your CT directory, make a backup copy of
your BIN file, then from the command prompt:

   CT_TIME WPXCW07 -60

to subtract 60 minutes from every timestamp in WPXCW07.BIN (note that you
should omit the ".BIN" on the command line).  If you forget the syntax,
CT_TIME without any arguments will display brief help text and examples.

The problem is that the time zone rules are hard coded in the C Runtime
Library to start in April instead of in March, and CT is not the only
program having problems.  Any program calling tzset() (part of the C Runtime
Library) will have the same issue, especially if the library is linked into
the executable file, as it is with CT for DOS.

I think Ken is going to have to recompile CT for DOS to fix it, unless you
try the following trick, which basically tells tzset() to treat Eastern Time
as 4 hours behind UTC instead of 5 hours behind.

Just add ONE of the following lines to AUTOEXEC.BAT, or whatever batch file
you use to launch CT.


Then start CT and check the displayed time before logging any QSOs.

Warning:  between the First Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October
(old timezone rules), you have to set TZ back to the standard values to get
the timestamps right (EST5EDT, CST6CDT, MST7MDT, PST8PDT).

Things are going to get really messy during CQ WW Phone in October this year
at 2 a.m. local time Saturday night, unless there is an update for CT.  For
that contest, or for any contest this weekend, it is probably best to set
your PC to UTC, then use


to tell CT and tzset() that your PC clock (including date) are set to UTC.

Bob, N6TV

On 3/25/07, R Johnson < k1vu at tmlp.com> wrote:
> Hi:
> After using CT DOS V10 for the CQ WPX contest I found all of my times were
> off  by +1 Hour.
> ie: My first QSO was at 00:33Z, but was logged as 01:33Z.
> While had patched my computer for the new DST dates I'm still off by 1
> hour.
> I checked CT WIN and it was logging the correct time, just a problem with
> I will dig deeper on the problem !!!
> 73
> Bob, K1VU

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