[ct-user] Does WinCT run on Windows XP?

Ed K1EP k1ep.list at gmail.com
Thu May 10 18:30:12 EDT 2007

CTWin works fine on XP, used it this weekend with USB serial and LPT keying.

At 5/10/2007 12:39 PM, Mike K9MI wrote:
>WinCT runs fine on XP and even though it's a windows program, you'll still 
>be able to use it like you did CT for Dos. I think it's in version 10 now. 
>I've only used it a few times because of the money I have wrapped up in 
>other Windows logging software. N1MM is also a free program, but coming from 
>a CT background you will have some learning curve. I think anyone who has 
>used CT for Dos and is going to CTWin should have no trouble. Vista, well I 
>have that on my laptop and I would have to use USB devices or use USB to 
>serial adapter. My XP machine has 8 serial ports and 2 lpt ports, so I'm 
>sticking with it as long as I can. Also, I have this pc setup for dual boot 
>using Dos 6.22. That way I can use the Dos version of CT if I want or TRlog. 
>I'm a bit surprised you can't run WinCT on your xp machine. Maybe it has 
>something to do with the new processor? I've not tried much on my new 
>notebook with Vista. It's always a good idea to keep a 95 or 98 machine 
>around "just in case".
>Good luck,
>73, Mike K9MI
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>> After many years, am back to active Amateur Radio.  Am unable to  run 
>> WinCT
>> ver 10.03 on my new dual-core PC using Windows XP.
>> Is there any way to run it (what's the trick), or is CT now obsolete  in
>> operating systems like XP and VISTA, which don't have DOS anymore?
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