[ct-user] CT-DOS

Nate Bargmann n0nb at networksplus.net
Wed Nov 7 22:43:19 EST 2007

* hank k8dd <k8dd at arrl.net> [2007 Nov 07 21:33 -0600]:
> CT DOS is still available and newer than ver 8 ....
> On k1ea.com you can get it - CT
> 10.03.002<http://k1ea.com/download/ct10_03.zip>-
> 10.03.002 16 March 2006
> And even though I sometimes use some of the Windows contest logging
> programs, CT DOS is every bit as good, or better, for the contests it
> supports.

Yes, but without continual updates, it will become less useful.  If a
contest changes rules, then CT may become less useful for that
particular event.  Right now it has a lack of radio support for the
FT-450 and FT-950 which have a new Kenwood like CAT command structure.

I would like to see CT development continue.  It works well in FreeDOS
and even in Dosemu on Linux (set the hog threshhold high enough and the
sent CW is as good as from DOS, however I had no luck with rig control).

73, de Nate >>

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