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Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Thu Nov 8 17:15:50 EST 2007

I can go Andy one better; I remember the day that CT 6.1 was demonstrated at
Dayton -- I was so impressed that I walked out of the demonstration, found a
vendor who was selling the 5-1/4" disk (which I still have), bought it on
the spot, and got back in time to see the end of the demo.

Jim, I understand that Ken still owns & controls the fate of CT, so this is
not directed at you -- but for what it's worth, even though I switched to
CTWin 10 quite a while ago, I'd still be willing to pay a small fee for an
upgrade if it would keep CT in development.

I think you can count on the DOS version staying in use as long as an MS-DOS
compatible command prompt is available, one way or another.  I'd love to see
a true Windows version out, and I'm sure the Linux gang would love to see
one too.

And I'd personally love to see some expansion in the available contests.

Yes, I know, all this ultimately costs money; as I said, if an update costs
a few bucks, I can afford it now, I'll do my part.

Surely there must be a way to keep CT alive for now and into the future, and
not left to wither on the vine!

73, ron w3wn

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I will echo Andy's comments. I have virtually every contest and logging
program. This past weekend I decided to abandon the cumbersome and over
detailed **MM software, and return to the simple elegance of CT DOS Version
9.89 for Sweepstakes. Of all my pre-contest strategy, this one was the best
For phone SS, I will leave my Pentium-III sitting on a shelf, and again run
CT DOS on my cheap clunker Pentium-1.
PLEASE keep CT DOS alive and well!

Mark - WA0MHJ

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I would like to strongly object, Jim.  I paid - many years ago at Dayton -
for my CT8 copy, but would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for CT10 DOS
upgrades. Have never seen a blue screen or lost a contact due to DOS, and my
old AT just keeps on going.  I use XP on my $50 Pentium II, but still love
the CT10 that I run on the AT. The XP is for spots and other internet stuff;
DOS is faster & better for contest logging. How about keeping CT DOS alive,
and charging a modest fee. What you think is adequate compensation) for
updates? Charging for the prefix updates as well, would not seem

73, Andy K4YKZ

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