[ct-user] CT-DOS

Fri Nov 9 23:45:49 EST 2007

I have an amazing bunch of private email ranging from the ridiculous to the 
sublime. A good friend of mine, and a contester who I have a lot of respect 
for sent this:""CT is so pitifully inferior to N1MM you must be joking."" 
His response was kind compared to some.
Here's my response to him and others: Last weekend I spent a few hours 
during the SS. I had 400 Q's. CT was, of course, the logging program I used. 
I had straight forward one line logging for every contact. Each entry was 
instantaneous, no waiting for the computer and/or the software to catch up. 
I instantly knew how many sections I had worked and what was left to work. I 
had call check partial instantly. If I wanted rate or packet or score I 
could have had that to. If I were a packet user only stations needed would 
show up in the packet window. When I would take a break to lay down(health 
reasons) I typed one word in the logging line  and all files needed for post 
contest would be written. When I was finished contesting I just typed one 
word in the logging field and all the files were written. I don't know what 
else a contest logging program is supposed to do. Unlike so many of the 
wannabees I don't need point-n-click. Simple and I mean simple commands take 
care of every eventuality. If I don't want to be bothered with all the 
windows overhead nonsense running in the background then I run the contest 
in pure DOS.
Yes it is fashionable these days to have bells-n-whistles and screens full 
of stuff. Does any of that get me one more contact or NL...'NO'... So if it 
doesn't get me one more contact then why do I need/want it?????
The last concern I have is this is the CT mailing list, presumably for CT 
users. Why did I receive 4 private email promoting N1MM. I have CT tattooed 
on my ass and it's there to stay..:-)

p.s. I did receive many more atta-boy emails than negative ones.


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AMEN Ron: There's a lot of wanabee's and also rans out there but none of 
them is CT. I am forced to use N1MM for 7QP and one other contest but can't 
wait to get back to CT. There is just a warm-n-fuzzy feeling about entering 
a contest using CT. Contesting is stressful enough without having to worry 
about whether your software will work or not. Nothing out there, so far, is 
as dependable and reliable as CT. CT has stood the test of time and won.
Ron you and I and many, many, others have been contesting with CT for more 
than 20 years. How many other programs can report that kind of 


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No, Ted, I've never heard of WinTest, let alone looked at it.

And that's not the point.

If I choose one day to abandon CT, I have plenty of choices already out
there.  But they're not CT.  And some, well, without getting into
specifics... let's just say that CT, be it the true DOS version or the DOS
screen(s) in fixed Windows version that CTWin now is, still beats the pants
off of many of the ones I have tried.

I don't want to abandon CT -- I want to see it move to the next level.


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