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Sat Nov 10 11:12:05 EST 2007

Hi ED: You can still buy a brand new computer and outfit it to run CT DOS. Both Gateway and Dell still offer ISA PCI cards. It is my understanding that these cards will be available for another 2 years. When Microsoft finally gets its act together and Vista becomes the standard those cards will disappear. Most of the time I use CTWIN. CT DOS is a luxury for me. I only use it anymore when I don't want to contend with Windows. 


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Yes, this is the CT USER mail list, meant for discussions amongst CT 
users.  It is not meant for personal attacks or general discussions 
about radio contesting or DXing.  In my personal opinion, CT is what 
is today and the likelihood of it changing is slim.  Many users have 
transitioned to either WinTest or N1MM, both of which are windows 
based logging programs.  Personally, I can appreciate the simplicity 
of operation of DOS CT.  However, unless you maintain the aging 
hardware that it runs on, you will soon be out of luck unless you 
don't plan on using any peripherals with CT, such as CW keying, 
computer control, or networking.  I am not here to argue the merits 
of any of the computer programs and that is really not what the list 
is intended to be.  You can investigate them for yourself and join 
their mailing lists to find out all about them.  Country files and 
master databases will continue to be updated for CT because they 
became industry standard files used in other programs.  I can say 
that CT is still used in some of the well known stations, so it has 
not been totally abandoned.  Please keep the discussions on track on 
the list.  If you want to contact Ken directly with bugs or program 
improvements, there is a web form on www.k1ea.com.  If you are still 
only using DOS for your computing, you probably won't be able to access this.  

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