[ct-user] w98 ctwin full screen???

ALEX AIMETTE w2ox at verizon.net
Thu Nov 29 19:44:02 EST 2007

I know this is an old question!!!  But not for me!!

Using win98second edit.  Video card  RAGE IIC  AGP   HARDWARE VER 122,
DRIVER 2-18-2000.

Finally got Ctwin v 10.03.0002  to open but does not open in vga mode.
I read the notes and have added the -vga to the ctwin target end of 
line  ...exe" -vga
and have gone to the properties button when I opened ctwin and then gone 
to the  "screen tab and set the initial size to 50 and the windows to 
"full screen"...............I get full screen and 1/2 of the ct main screen.
I tried changing the font size-----all no go----still get full screen 
and only the top half of the  ct  main screen !!

On my laptop using xp pro got everthing to work ok!!

Any help

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