[ct-user] 10.04.001

Eric Martin k7abvmt at bresnan.net
Thu Dec 11 00:47:34 EST 2008

recently installed the new 10.04.001 version of CT...However on my 2 year old Dell with tons of memory etc. ( I was using 10.03.002) which worked fine...however 10.04 worked very badly. if I had it on the task bar while looking at say another page, ie. packet cluster, or E-mail..I could hardly open a page, the machine struggled to say the least, or when I took a break from the contest CQWWCW, and the computer went asleep, it was hard to get it wake back up..and get back to the CT logging program for the contest...with 10.03.002 never a problem...has anyone had the happen??K7ABV

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