[ct-user] TSR Help needed for CT 10 user

Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
Wed Jan 23 07:08:16 EST 2008

Here's a note from N5IN back in Y2K:

> Immediately
> after COMTSR for COM1 starts the radio goes into key down mode.  And it
> stays in key down mode until CT loads, starts, gets to the final
> screen--then you must hit one of the CW function keys to send something.
> Only then does the key down condition clear.

So, it seems that you can wait until CT loads fully, then press an F-Key and
it should clear out.


Bob W5OV

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I am running CT10 (CT8 upgrade) and use COM 1 as my interface to my IC756P3 
for band settings and mode.

The same cable is used with MixW for PSK & RTTY operation, and DTR is used 
to switch the interface relay between receive to transmit mode.

CT10 sets the DTR signal on at all times. This keeps the transmitter in 
transmit mode, unless I unplug the DTR signal to my RIGblaster interface 

It sure would be nice if my initialization TSR for the CT contest logging 
would just keep DTR turned off.

I have played with "-DTR" for comtsr1 in my CT initialization batch file, 
but have had no luck in turning DTR off.

Any suggestions??   Andy K4YKZ
My present batch-file serial communications port TSR command is:
comtsr1 -b1200 -P1 -I4 -A3f8 

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