[ct-user] Need Fix for TVic Open LPT Failed

wo2n wo2n at att.net
Mon Jan 28 15:25:43 EST 2008

HI Pete, Well its working now, tnx. No more TVic problem! Keyboard working fb!
 This is what I did,  Ctrl Panel, Systems,Devise mgr., ports, found there were 2 # 2 lpt ports. So I changed one  to #1 and now ct works! and so does dx4win same lpt. and printer works also. 
73, tnx for help, Bernie/WO2N.>
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  Bernie - maybe DX4win has grabbed control of LPT.  Try invoking CT without invoking DX4win.  Do you have any other TSR programs running that may use LPT?  My earlier suggestion about logging on as administrator allows you full control over all application programs that may be running without you knowing about it.  Did you check your Start up Items?

  Just another hacker -- 73 -- Pete

  At 01:05 PM 1/28/2008 -0500, you wrote:

    Hi Need help, Ctwin was working on my xp. Now when I start new file I get 
    error message on TVic window" Open LPT Failed".
    I tried complete uninstall , downloaded install software 10.03.
    Still same problem No keyboard CW to rig, can hear sound with sound on.
    The LPT1 works as it always did with DX4win, which is working so hardware is 
    Ctwin is on LPT1 also. Used to work FB
    Anyone else have this problem or know fix? looking back in  archives this 
    problem goes back 4 yrs. Only one computer and monitor working here.
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated, 73, Bernie/WO2N.> 

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