[ct-user] CT/DOS computer Hangs

Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
Wed Jan 30 06:45:43 EST 2008


This is not a normal CT problem. Something else is going on in your

Do you have any non-CT-related TSR's loaded? 

It is possible that your hard drive may be failing and this "hang" may be
when it is trying to write to the HD.

Have you run a chkdsk lately on it? Is the HD close to full?


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Hi Gents,

I've been running CT 9.22 on my 486 Notebook computer 
using DOS 6.22 .  Twice during the contest it would 
"hang" or quit for about 30 seconds and then continue 
like nothing was wrong.  No reboot was necessary.  There are 
no RFI issues with the computer and no external 
gadgets or networks are connected.    

Is there a "fix" for this problem?

Charlie, N0TT
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