[ct-user] N6BV on switching from CT to Win-Test

Sante - IK0HBN ik0hbn at libero.it
Fri Nov 14 14:34:51 EST 2008

Hi all,
any way to have win-test linked to a rotator as Ct does?

At 19.04 14/11/2008, you wrote:
>On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 8:07 AM, Warren Rothberg <w4wr at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >  Does Win-Test work with dual monitor configuration?
> >
>Yes it works just like most Windows applications.  Win-Test is not a "full
>screen only" text mode application.
> > I might have missed it...was there a US$ price quoted?
> >
>To convert 45 Euros to US dollars or to any other currency at current
>conversion rates, just enter
>"45 Euros in USD"
>(*without *the quotes) or similar in the Google search box (answer:  about
>Further questions about Win-Test should be directed to the Win-Test Support
>Bob, N6TV
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