[ct-user] Still having tons of problems with Firefox and trying to access the CT web pages and also K5ZD pages

Al - N1API n1api at cox.net
Sun Nov 23 10:46:45 EST 2008

I am still having a ton of problems getting to the CT web pages and also 
to K5ZD.COM while using Firefox.

Some time I just get a white page that says Coming Soon!  Sometime I get 
the sent to http://www.km3t.org/errors/404.html and get a screen that 
looks like below.  (Still trying to figure out what that error message 
has to do with Firefox, CT and also K5ZD).

I had the same issue yesterday when trying to go to http://www.eham.net 
to try and post a couple of reviews.  I got there posted one review and 
when I tried to post the next one after writing it and looking for the 
preview got sent to the below link.  Had to start all over it took me 
about 4 tries to get the review posted.

Clearing the history and cache does not work, or may work from time to 
time.   Even when clearing the cache and history I still can't figure 
how to clear the main location bar.

I'm getting quite frustrated with Firefox.   I've filed several bug 
reports but never received a reply. Perhaps Firefox does not like Visa.

Al   N1API

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