[ct-user] Is ALT-F broken for CT-WIN 10.04.001 ?

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Sun Mar 22 17:34:39 PDT 2009

This problem exits on any contest log I create with CT-WIN 10.04.001 

I just created a "Dummy June VHF LOG" and another for CQ WPX.
When I tried to edit the time with ALT-F, it bumped the time ahead
an extra 4 hours from what I set in the edit window.

INTERESTING discovery:
Every time I used ALT-F on a QSO entry it incremented the time by +4 hours
EVEN if I didn't make any changes in the Time or Date.

Sequence was ALT-F, Enter, Enter = +4 hours. Repeat, another +4 hours.
Edit the time 4 times and your QSO time is 16 hours ahead.

The same test files worked fine CT-DOS 10.04.001.

CQ WPX SSB is next weekend and CT-WIN seems broken and the only options
I have is hope that I don't have to use ALT-F to edit the QSO time or 
use CT-DOS.

Can anyone verify this anomaly for me ???

TNX es 73
Bob, K1VU 

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