[ct-user] CTY-2003 Country Files - 15 April 2010

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Wed Apr 14 21:26:01 PDT 2010

The Country (CTY) Files were updated on 15 April 2010.


To install the file, follow the link to your software at the top of
the page.

NOTE:  I have not tested either cty_wt.dat or cty_wt_mod.dat with
       Win-Test.  Please try the new files out and let me know if
       there are any problems *BEFORE* the next contest!

Here are the release notes:

15 April 2010
VER20100415, Version entity is French Polynesia, FO

This release is a major revision of CIS prefixes effective 23 March
2010. *NOTE*: UA is used as an example below, but the changes apply to
all prefixes beginning with RA-RZ and UA-UI:

    * UA2 is like UA3, except UA2F and UA2K are still Kaliningrad, UA2
    * UA5 and UA7 are like UA6, European Russia
    * UA8 is like UA9, Asiatic Russia
    * RI1AN is Antarctica, CE9
    * RI1FJ is Franz Josef Land, R1FJ
    * RI1MV is Malyj Vysotskij, R1MV

Other changes:

    * GB0GGR is Scotland, GM
    * GB0SBG is Northern Ireland, GI
    * GB2CAM is Wales, GW
    * GB2SPD is Northern Ireland, GI, not Scotland, GM
    * GB8RUM is Scotland, GM
    * GG100GCC and GG100GGR are both Scotland, GM
      LU9EY/V and LW4ETG/D are all Argentina, LU

Calls removed (expired):

    * 4U1AIDS in Switzerland, HB
    * 4U1WED at Vienna Intl Ctr, 4U1V
    * 4U30VIC at Vienna Intl Ctr, 4U1V
    * 4U64UN at United Nations HQ, 4U1U
    * K2V on U.S. Virgin Islands, KP2
    * N7I in Hawaii, KH6
    * R900DM in European Russia, UA
    * VE7AF/BY7KH in China, BY
    * VK9DWX on Willis Island, VK9W
    * VK9GMW on Mellish Reef, VK9M

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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