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Dan Karg d.karg at comcast.net
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There's more to it than just modifying the ar10.dat file. You can do that
and it will display the XE states on the multiplier screen, but CT still
doesn’t know that they are multipliers and still treats XE as country
multiplier. You have to also modify the country file to fake it into
thinking that XE is part of either US or Canada. Then it appears to function
normally, but you have to remember to replace the cty.dat file with a
unmodified one for other contests.

I did not do extensive testing, only enough to come to the above
conclusions. I tested this with version 10.04.01 for DOS, I assume the CTWIN
version would act the same. Further testing might reveal other problems.

I have placed a copy of the ar10.dat I experimented with on the web. 

A screen shot:
As you can see I just put the XE states in the places where there were
blanks before. A complete change in the layout could be done, but you are
limited to 12 columns and 10 rows in any case.

The cab file it makes

The SPECIAL cty.dat file:

I see Hough NC1M has commented while I was typing this about his work
modifying the arrl.cty. That would apply for CT8 and earlier.

Good luck to all in 160 and 10 contests.

Dan K0TI

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>  Will CT recognize the NEW XE States as mulits???

Not unless someone develops a multiplier file for it.  That someone is *not*

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