[ct-user] Old logs help needed

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Sun Mar 21 21:52:53 PDT 2010

Use the CT to ADIF conversion to convert the .BIN files to ADIF.  Go to 
www.k1ea.com and click on the ADIF link on the left.  Inspect the ADIF 
files to make sure the dates/times "make sense".

73 - Jim AD1C

On 3/21/2010 10:23 PM, Al - N1API wrote:
> I found 5 old logs from the middle 90's that I want to upload to logbook
> of the world.
> I was able to do the 9 to 10 exe on all the logs, but when I did a
> writelog none of them
> did a .LOG file.  I did a writearrl command and only one did the .LOG file.
> Is there a way to convert the ALL file to be able to be read and
> converted to a TQ8
> file?  Or maybe I am doing something wrong and that is why they are not
> giving me
> the .LOG file.
> The contests are old ARRL, CQ and WAE contests.
> Thanks for any help
> Al  N1API

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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