[ct-user] CT9.22 problems

Dan Karg d.karg at comcast.net
Mon Nov 1 17:09:52 PDT 2010

These are related. If you tell CT that there is a radio there in the setup
and it can not talk to it
it will act like that. If you go thru setup and deselect any radio it should
act normal, or work on getting
your interface to work

Dan K0TI


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I have at least two problems with my CT 9.22 (or else it's me).
1) I cannot band up...only band down.
2) It seems to default to 20 meters.....even if I "force" it to another
band, it logs
    on 20 meters and then returns to 20 after entering the contact.
I have downloaded a fresh CT 9.22 and loaded it into a new directory, but it
does the same. It has worked wonderfully for many years, but all of a
Additionally, and it probably IS me, I can't get the computer to talk to my

Anyone else have similar problems?
I would appreciate any input.

73's and thanks
Randy, N9AX (ex W6UT)
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