[ct-user] CT on WINE or FreeDOS?

Nate Bargmann n0nb at n0nb.us
Tue Feb 8 17:41:11 PST 2011

* On 2011 08 Feb 18:48 -0600, Albert Woodhull wrote:
> I'd like to continue using CT on a Windows 7 system. One solution might be
> to use VMWare to run a virtual Linux or FreeDOS system which would host 
> CT. Does anyone have experience running CT using FreeDOS or WINE on Linux?

I've used CT on FreeDOS without issue for years.  Wine has been another
story.  I learned recently that my experience with Wine being unable to
handle serial port usage may be due to the ports I've tried being
USB-serial dongles.  Others have reported Wine works with "real" serial
ports.  YMMV.

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