[ct-user] Fix time, shorten CT BIN file?

Dan Z k2ywe at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 14:32:54 PST 2011

I discovered a fixed 7 hour time error in a significant portion of my CT daily log.  The error affects contiguous QSOs in the middle of the log.
I have considered:
1. Converting to ASCII, fixing affected portion (a real PITA because of date changes), and converting back using b2r10 and r2b10.
2. Converting to ADIF, fixing, and converting back.  Still a PITA and I can see how to go to ADIF using Jim's converter, but not how to get back.
3. Fixing it line by lin in CT - A giant PITA
I'm not in love with any of those ideas, so I'd like to pare down the CT BIN file to just the affected portion and then use ct_time to fix it.
Presumably I can get it all back together with merge later.
I really want to avoid a bunch of spreadsheet operations if possible.
Any suggestions? 

Dan Zeitlin - K2YWE
South Shore ARC - K3AU
Annapolis, Maryland


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