[ct-user] New VHF Super Partial Check Database Release for July VHF Contest

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Sun Jul 10 13:59:38 PDT 2011

New versions of VHF Super Partial Check, and Prefill Databases for the CQ
Magazine VHF Contest are now available at:

www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/       (Make sure to enter the Trailing "/".

Release 2011.07.09.00  - Release Notes

Many thanks to John Bennett, N4XI, who wrote Log Processing software for me
this year that substantially reduced my workload.  Also many thank to Lefty,
K1TOL who reviewed the June Database and supplied quite a few corrections.

A few additional comments about the Log Processing Software ....  It is
apparent that some stations are operating as Mobiles, Portables, or Rovers
and either are not including /M, /P/ or /R in their calls or operators are
not logging this information.  The processing software does not add calls
containing /M, /P, or /R to the Prefill Database Table.  After the Prefill
Database Table has been built, a "Prefill Dupes" report is generated that
contains those Calls shown to have operated in Multiple Grid Squares.  These
must be manually resolved.  Any of these calls, shown in only TWO Grid
Squares and which have a ratio of 3-to-1 or greater, are automatically
resolved.  With this run there were 800+ such Calls and 250 remained after
Automatic Resolution was run.

With the remaining calls many times there will be obvious reasons - some may
have logged FN as FM.  Here the errant Call/Grid combination is deleted.

In other cases where the group of Grid Squares are adjacent to one another
or several stations work a call in Multiple Grids, a judgment call is made
and all of the Call/Grid combos are deleted from the Prefill Database.  And
if all of the Grid Squares shown are different from the QRZ Database Grid
Square, all of the Call/Grid Square combinations are deleted.

My philosophy is that it's better to have no Data is better than bad Data.

The .DTA and .SCP Files support Super Check Partial for the CT, KC6TEU,
N1MM, NA, RoverLog, UcxLog, Win-Test, and WriteLog Contest Logging Software.

The N1MM File will allow the N1MM Software to Prefill the Grid Square.

The RoverLog.LUP file will allow the RoverLog Software to Prefill the Grid

The W3KM file will allow VHFLOG to Prefill the Grid Square.

The .DTB File supports the Win-Test Software "Exchange Guessing".

The EXCEL Format Files have been discontinued.  Those wishing to use the
Data in Excel can simply open the .CSV (Comma Delimited) File with EXCEL.

  File Name                                Contains                  Format

VHF_USA_CSV_20110709_00.zip        Calls + Grids Sorted by Call  -  .CSV 

VHF_USA_DTA_20110709_00.zip        Calls Only  - Sorted by Call  -  .DTA 

VHF_USA_DTB_20110709_00.zip        Calls + Grids - For Win-Test  -  .DTB 

VHF_USA_N1MM_20110709_00.zip       Calls + Grids - For N1MM      -  .CSV 

VHF_USA_ROVERLOG_20110709_00.zip   Calls + Grids - For RoverLog  -  .LUP 

VHF_USA_SCP_20110709_00.zip        Calls Only  - Sorted by Call  -  .SCP 

VHF_USA_W3KM_20110709_00.zip       Calls + Grids - W3KM VHFLOG   -   ADIF 

Total Calls In:
Super Partial Check Database: 12742
Prefill Database            : 12339

Please tell me if there are any other logging programs that require a
different format.

Please E-Mail any additions or corrections to    zephd at indy.rr.com

Please send me your Cabrillo Files after the July Contest so that I can
process a Release for the ARRL September VHF Contest.  The September Release
will be the final Release for 2011.

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