[ct-user] Question on setting up a Yaesu 857 using N1MM

Al - N1API n1api at cox.net
Tue May 8 13:25:49 PDT 2012

Well this may not be exactly the correct place to ask this, but I am 
trying to set an Yaesu 857D up for radio control with the N1MM Contest 

I have a cable which terminates in a three pin plug on one end and is 
wired for the data jack on the other.  It is used with either the West 
Mountain RIGTALK or you can plug it into the Plug and Play.  I do have 
the Plug and Play but it seem that N1MM will not address the data of the 
Plug and Play because it also has to address the CW and Digital through 
the same comport.

I am trying to set it up though the USB port renumbered to COM 5 with 
the USB RIGTALk and can get it working somewhat, but when I change bands 
it will end up getting the wrong band data and show on a completely 
different frequency than the radio is on.  So it looks like the two are 
not taking to each other correctly.

Anyone set one up, if so how did you do and and also what Parameters did 
you use for the port configuration, IE Speed, Parity, Databits, Stop 

Please reply off list.  Any help appreciate.



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