[ct-user] Revided Super Paretical Check Database Release

Dave Zeph zephd at indy.rr.com
Tue Jun 4 18:20:14 EDT 2013

Thanks to a detailed review by Lefty, K1TOL, a revision to the VHF Super
Check Partial Database (Release 20130604_01) has been posted to
www.k3lr.com/w9zrx/   (the trailing "?" is necessary).

The available files are:

  File Name                            Contains                 Format
VHF_USA_CSV_20130604_01.zip	 Calls + Grids Sorted by Call   .CSV File
VHF_USA_DTA_20130604_01.zip	 Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .DTA File
VHF_USA_DTB_20130604_01.zip	 Calls + Grids - For Win-Test   .DTB File
VHF_USA_N1MM_20130604_01.zip	 Calls + Grids - For N1MM       .CSV File
VHF_USA_ROVERLOG_20130604_01.zip Calls + Grids - For RoverLog .LUP File
VHF_USA_SCP_220130604_01.zip	 Calls Only  - Sorted by Call   .SCP File 
VHF_USA_W3KM_20130604_01.zip	 Calls + Grids - W3KM VHFLOG    ADIF File

Total Calls In:
Super Partial Check Database    : 6 787 
Prefill Database                : 6,483

Let's hope for better propagation than I've had the last couple of days!

Don't forget to send me a copy of your Cabrillo after the Contest so that I
can turn around an Update before the July CW VHF Contest.

73 -- Dave, W9PA (ex-W9ZRX)

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